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butterfly hatchingThe Change Agency provides consulting, coaching and training services and products to help change leaders, organizations, and consultants increase their effectiveness, and achieve outstanding results, in all their change initiatives.


For change leaders and their organizations:

CHANGE CONSULTING– working with multiple change agents and groups to help plan, drive, and oversee strategic transformation or significant performance improvement

Are you leading a transformation of your company’s strategy? The integration of an acquisition? A focused push on revenue growth or cost reduction? Will this change require the coordinated efforts of people across multiple functions, locations, or levels? Will it mean changes in culture as well as action? Is there a measurable result you must achieve?

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CHANGE COACHING – collaborating “behind the scenes” with a senior or mid-level leader tasked with a big stretch change assignment, a potential career-maker

Are you taking on a change initiative, so big that it will stretch you as a leader? So high-stakes that you need to pull out all the stops? Would you appreciate having an experienced change catalyst in your corner, behind the scenes?

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CHANGE TRAINING – teaching cohorts of high-potential mid-level managers how to drive change by actually doing it, enabling them to learn on the job while achieving tangible results

Does your organization need to create a broad-based change capability? Do you want to develop a cohort of change leaders? Are you looking for ways to combine leadership development with actual, on-the-job results?

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For consultants:

CHANGE COACHING – helping consultants make the leap from providing brainy “solutions” that are not implemented, to generating real, measurable results with their own clients

Are you frustrated because clients take your recommendations, but then don’t implement them? Do you want to have greater impact in your consulting engagements? Do you want to help your clients achieve actual results, and real value, from the work you do?

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