Change Coaching for Consultants

Change Coaching – helping consultants make the leap from providing brainy “solutions” that are not implemented, to generating real, measurable results with their own clients

Are you frustrated because clients take your recommendations, but then don’t implement them? Do you want to have greater impact in your consulting engagements? Do you want to help your clients achieve actual results, and real value, from the work you do?

Regardless of your particular area of expertise, we can help you generate greater impact and measurable results in your consulting engagements through:

  • Defining projects in terms of results rather than activities
  • Deepening your understanding of – and ability to work inside – the client system
  • Identifying where there is real readiness to take action, and tailoring your inputs accordingly
  • Helping clients shift from activity focus to results focus
  • Utilizing proven tools and processes to drive real change
  • Recognizing and overcoming your own barriers and anxieties
  • Reviewing and revising your reports and presentations to improve their credibility and impact
  • Chewing through all aspects of the engagement together, looking for situations you can leverage into actual change and results

A typical coaching engagement averages 2 hours in (person or by phone) per week, for 3 months. Fees cover the work identified above, the time we spend in discussion, and my additional time spent in research, writing, and preparing for our work together.

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