Change Training for Organizations

CHANGE TRAINING – teaching cohorts of high-potential mid-level managers how to drive change by actually doing it, enabling them to learn on the job while achieving tangible results

Does your organization need to create a broad-based change capability? Do you want to develop a cohort of change leaders? Are you looking for ways to combine leadership development with actual, on-the-job results?

The Change Agency offers a training program designed for high-potential middle managers that contains a blend of change theory, practical tools, actual experience, and real-time coaching. While customizable to your organization, key elements are as follows:

  • Identify strategically important areas where your organization needs to see real change quickly, and then more specifically, the type of results you want to see.
  • Identify an executive Sponsor for each a project team, who will provide senior-level support and guidance as needed.
  • Trainees work together in teams of 5-7 people to agree on a measurable “stretch goal” in their selected area, then work to achieve it in 100 days or less. This process involves:
    • A “project launch day” that includes some basic change theory, then facilitated work in their teams to agree on a stretch goal and how they mean to achieve it.
    • Weekly team meetings to track progress against work plans and refine them as needed as the work unfolds.
    • Periodic reflection and skill-building sessions for the trainee group – topics will be selected based on teams’ experiences and competencies, but may include: overcoming resistance; engaging their colleagues; communication; creativity techniques.
  • Meetings with their Sponsors for 30-day, 60-day, and final project reviews. Teams report out on their progress and learning to-date about enacting change in your organization.

I work with HR and the executive Sponsors to shape the team assignments, facilitate the launch, and support trainees as described above throughout the process. A cohort may be up to approximately 20 trainees, this process takes about 4 months (1 month prep and 3 months with the teams at work).

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