Coaching for Change Leaders

COACHING – collaborating “behind the scenes” with a senior or mid-level change leader tasked with a big stretch assignment, a potential career-maker

Are you taking on a change initiative so big that it will stretch you as a leader? So high-stakes that you need to pull out all the stops? Would you appreciate having an experienced change catalyst in your corner, behind the scenes?

Each coaching engagement is tailored to your situation, the results you need to achieve, and your developmental needs, but is likely to involve:

  • Clarifying results to be achieved
  • Mapping key players, pockets of readiness and resistance
  • Identifying the most relevant skills and qualities you bring to the table, and can leverage, as well as those you will need to develop along the way
  • Developing the overall change architecture – structure, oversight, players, processes, events
  • Developing your strategies for building support and engaging collaborators, as well as managing and overcoming resistance
  • Creating your personal communications plan – including some ghostwriting help as needed
  • Addition of best-practices ideas and articles where they might be helpful
  • Ongoing thought partnership as the change effort unfolds – what’s happening, what might it mean, how can you respond skillfully, how can you get out ahead to shape the situation
  • Some feedback, nudging, and strategizing around your strengths, blocks, and blinders
  • Lots of loyalty and encouragement – if you are my client, I am wholeheartedly on your side, taking an unshakeable stand for your success!

A typical coaching engagement averages 2 hours (in person or by phone) per week, for 6 months. Fees cover the work identified above, the time we spend in discussion, and my additional time spent in research, writing, and preparing for our work together.

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