Change Consulting for Leaders and Organizations

CONSULTING – working with multiple change agents and groups to help plan, drive, and oversee strategic transformation or significant performance improvement

Are you leading a transformation of your company’s strategy? The integration of an acquisition? A focused push on revenue growth or cost reduction? Will this change require the coordinated efforts of people across multiple functions, locations, or levels? Will it mean changes in culture as well as action? Is there a measurable result you must achieve?

Although each consulting engagement is unique, based on the client organization and results to be achieved, common elements include:

  • Clarifying results to be achieved
  • Developing the overall change architecture – structure, oversight, players, processes, events
  • Building support for the change at the appropriate levels in the organization, and engaging collaborators
  • Structuring, planning, and running key events – e.g., Rapid Results launch, WorkOut, joint integration planning kick-off, process redesign
  • Working as needed with project teams to ensure plans are carried out and results achieved
  • Developing communication plans to ensure that all important constituencies are informed and involved, as appropriate
  • Ongoing thought partnership with the key change agent(s) as the process unfolds, and we learn about what it really takes to drive change in your organization
  • A whole lot of encouragement and creativity – major change can be complicated, and takes some improvisation and navigation along the way, but there is no reason you cannot be successful in the end!

Consulting engagements are contracted individually, based on the client organization’s needs and the help required, usually thinking in 3- or 6-month blocks.

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